Do What You Love.. Or Love What You do..


NilaVanakkam. This is Nilavazhagan, people use to call me as Nila. Me, Born as an elder son to Mr.K.Azhagesan and Mrs.A.Chandra on a little town called Thuraiyur  near to Trichy. I am 22 years old. I am working to finish my M. Tech degree at Bharathidasan University, Trichy. Currently persuading a project at IISc, Banglore, which is essential for my M. Tech., degree. I love to be an optimist and I believe in me, and loves being simple. I respect my nation and its tradition, hopes that I can do something to my people with the knowledge and wealth which I have achieved through the training.

I am having huge dreams to achieve, whereas those dreams were sequels of my parents, whom sacrificed their entire spirit of them, their happiness, their everything and worked for me and my education even without knowing the dates and age. I love them to the core, and I have responsibilities, need to fulfill their expectations, and I will.

From a village B. Meter to Bangalore, I have passed over many things in my life journey, which includes deep sorrows and twinkling temporary happier moments.

I must thank God for many matters. First for giving my birth as a middle class mate, who can taste the sweetness of poverty with a sip of joy. And so for a clear mind for reading peoples. I am feeling sufficiently with what I am experiencing, and I am feeling blessed for which I am suffering.

I am a person who is reading the society than my education. I am more a listener than a talker. I cognize what I can do, know my limits, According to me, knowing our limitations makes us harder.

I became prompted by various peoples in various spheres, from these extracts I have learned something that, losing something tends to accomplish something. A crazy fact is, by adding a “JUST” before anything makes anything simpler. That’s the age-old formula for success. From history, lateral thinking reaches the summit.

I am a Cricket freak, I love to play, watch, comment cricket. Rather than that I love to deplete. I am interested in novels, fables.

Till this moment, I am living a specific life, I accept my own rules, I am pursuing my own principles (Think and speak, Be what I am, Being truthful, Never adjust myself for anything, Respecting, Dedication, Self Discipline, Determinant, Courage, Loyal) Expectations hurts us, So I left the habit of anticipating. We can’t plan our life, life has its own path. Altogether we can manage is to adjust and travel in that, as I am.

In studies, From my childhood, I am being a good learner than a scorer. I am not being a top scorer, I am being in effect in some areas, I have scored decent marks at my schooling’s, and updated my higher studies in Bioinformatics which is an emerging discipline. For me, Phylogeny Studies, Docking Studies, Immunology, Modeling Studies, Pharmacology Studies were the areas of interest. I am attaining sufficient knowledge about these countries and I will begin my research career if any chance exists… .

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